DeWalt DCD920KX 14 Volt Cordless Drill

My Rating for the DeWalt DCD920KX is 4.25 StarsDeWalt DCD920KX 14 Volt Cordless Drill

Review Summary:The DeWalt DCD920KX 14 Volt Cordless Drill is a more powerful and heavier version of its cousin the 730ka. It is well built and uses the older NiCd battery.


Detailed Review of the DeWalt DCD920KX 14 volt cordless drill

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Power Grade: Above Average

The DeWalt DCD920KX has a power rating of 325 uwo. The average power rating of 14 volt cordless drills is 315 uwo. The power of a cordless drill is measured by torque (inch-pounds). Torque is the measurement of the twisting force the drill applies when started. Power in DeWalt cordless drills is measured in unit watts out(uwo) which measures torque at different drill speeds.

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Speed: Excellent

The DeWalt DCD920KX has a top speed of 1800 rpm. Higher speeds help you drill holes quicker and cleaner. The average speed of 14 volt cordless drills is around 1385 rpm.

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Battery Run Time: Above Average

The battery run time is 2.2 amp hours. The average for 14 volt cordless drills is 2.0 amp hours. The ampere-hour rating (Ah) gives you an idea of how long your battery will last between charges. A 3Ah will last 3 times longer than a 1Ah battery.

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Battery type and quantity: Average

The DeWalt DCD920KX comes with 2 NiCd batteries. Most newer cordless drills have 2 Lithium batteries included. Lithium are lighter , can hold a charge longer, and are more environmentally friendly than older NiCd batteries.

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Charger: Average

The DeWalt DCD920KX comes with a 1 hour charger. The best chargers offer less than 1 hour charging and a maintenance mode that can extend the life of the battery.

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Price Range: $100-200

Prices may have changed since this review was done. To check the most recent and best price for the DeWalt DCD920KX cordless drill from multiple stores.

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Tool Weight: Heavy

The DeWalt DCD920KX weighs 5.7 lbs. The average 14V cordless drill weighs about 4.8 lbs. Tool weight comes into play when you use it for extended periods of time or you hold it in awkward positions. If weight is an issue I would recommend the lighter DeWalt DC730KA.


DeWalt DCD920KX Cordless Drill Strengths

  1. Very powerful and fast
  2. Durable metal gears
  3. Weight is well balanced
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DeWalt DCD920KX Cordless Drill Weaknesses

  1. Heavier than average 14 volt drill
  2. Older NiCd battery technology

Some other features of the DeWalt DCD920KX include:

  1. All metal gearbox
  2. 1/2” ratcheting chuck
  3. Storage case

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Reviewed by Jon Sevenson on 11/18/2011.

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