A Great Christmas Gift for Dad

Christmas Gift for DadAs a husband and a dad and a DIYer, there is nothing like getting a new power tool for Christmas. I would never ask for a tool in general. For example, I would not ask for a cordless drill for fear of getting one that was either low quality or I couldn’t use. To prevent hurt feelings and being stuck with a tool I couldn’t use, I would have to specify the exact tool I needed. But that ruins the surprise. So I often specifically stated that I didn’t need any tools.

If I could specifically ask for a cordless drill, a general all purpose drill around the house that was high quality, I would choose the Hitachi DS14DL 14 Volt Lithium Cordless drill. I have reviewed many cordless drills and this is hands down my favorite drill. You can read my full review of the Hitachi DS14DL 14 Volt Lithium Cordless drill I posted about recently. It has the power and speed of most of the larger 18 volt drills and it even has the newer lithium ion batteries.

Hitachi DS14DLThe Hitachi DS14DL 14 Volt Lithium Cordless drill feels light and is really well built. So, if my family happens to read this post, they might surprise me this year. If you have a favorite DIYer in your family you can surprise them with a high quality cordless drill at a good price.

You can check for the best price for the Hitachi cordless drill at Amazon or partners. Order now in time for Christmas. I promise your Dad or Husband or favorite DIYer will love this high quality tool for Christmas.

Merry Christmas,


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