Bosch PS10-2A Cordless Screwdriver

Reviewed by Jon Sevenson on 3/15/12.

My Rating for the Bosch PS10-2A is 4.75 Stars

Bosch PS10-2AReview Summary: The Bosch PS10-2A Cordless Screwdriver is not only a great screwdriver, but is also an impact driver in a small package.

Detailed Review of the Bosch PS10-2A Cordless Screwdriver

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Battery Grade: Excellent

The Bosch PS10-2A comes with 2 removable Lithium Ion batteries. The very best cordless screwdrivers come with 2 removable Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries are lighter and hold a charge much longer than NiCd batteries. Batteries eventually need to be replaced and the built-in type batteries can't be replaced. You end up throwing out a perfectly good tool which is not a very environmentally friendly solution. Having an extra battery comes in handy if you have a lot of work to do.

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Adjustable Handle Grade: Excellent

The Bosch PS10-2A has a 5-position handle. The best cordless screwdrivers offer more than 1 position. Being able to adjust the handle will allow you to reach into tight places such as drawers or small cabinets.

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Clutch Grade: Good

The Bosch PS10-2A has 7 clutch settings. The better cordless screwdrivers have more than 1 clutch setting. In simple terms, a clutch setting releases the pressure on the screwdriver before it breaks the screw head off. The more clutch settings you have the better you can get the screwdriver to turn just hard enough to drive the screw all the way in without breaking it. If you are interested in a cordless screwdriver with more clutch settings, check out the Milwaukee 0490-22. It has 21 clutch settings. You can learn more by reading my complete review of the Milwaukee 0490-22 Cordless Screwdriver.

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Torque Grade: Excellent

The Bosch PS10-2A has a torque rating of 80 in./lbs. The average torque rating for cordless screwdrivers is 38 in./lbs. Torque is the measurement of the twisting force the screwdriver applies to a screw. In most cases, having more torque is not that important in cordless screwdrivers. However, there is always that 1 tough screw that just needs a little more torque to get it loose.

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Speed: Excellent

The Bosch PS10-2A has a top speed of 500 RPM. The average speed of cordless screwdrivers is 343 RPM. Speed isn't that important as a job requirement for cordless screwdrivers. In most cases you are installing or removing screws at a slower speed. Speed comes into play when you want to drill a hole. The faster speeds will give you cleaner holes and finish the job much quicker.

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Price Range: $100-200

Note: Prices have changed since I reviewed the Bosch PS10-2A. Always check the most recent and best price for the Bosch PS10-2A cordless drill from multiple stores.


Other Features of the Bosch PS10-2A Cordless Screwdriver

  1. Warranty: 3 years
  2. LED work light: No
  3. Also Includes:Case + extra battery

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