Why Lithium Ion Batteries are Better for Cordless Drills

DEWALT Lithium-Ion battery packsI don’t do as many projects around the house as I used too. My cordless screwdriver can sit in my toolbox for a long time without use. I try to remember to regularly charge the batteries but I often forget.  When I do need my cordless screwdriver, I want to be able to pull it out of my toolbox and use it immediately. There is nothing worse than having to wait while your battery is charging. Even worse, the battery refuses to charge fully and I have to order another battery. If my drill had a non-replaceable battery then I would end up throwing the whole drill out which is why I don’t buy those type of cheap tools.

Bosch Lithium Ion batterySo, I only get cordless tools with replaceable batteries that hold a charge for longer periods of time. The best battery for my needs is the lithium-ion battery. You may also see it listed as li-ion, lithium-ion or just lithium. These batteries have other benefits over other type of batteries.

Charge Holding

Lithium batteries can sit for a long period of time and still hold a charge. This is my favorite feature for the reasons I mentioned above.


Li-ion batteries are typically half the weight of other type batteries. When you have to hold a tool for a long period of time you will really feel the difference.


You will see less tools with the option for Ni-Cd batteries. The future is in Lithium-ion batteries. They are not only the future but they are safer for the environment so choose green in your tools.

One Last Note

If you can afford it, get the cordless drill or tool with 2 removable lithium-ion batteries. Its nice to have that extra battery when doing a big job.

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