Why I need a Cordless Impact Driver

Have you ever had to remove a really rusted stuck nut? If you have enough room, you might place a wrench over the nut, take your hammer and whack the wrench to loosen up that nut.

Well, the beauty of an impact driver is it gives whacks, or impacts, lots of them, in the direction the driver is turning. You can easily and quickly loosen those really stuck nuts with an impact driver. And you can do it in places you can’t attach a wrench or swing a hammer.

My Pneumatic Impact Wrench

My Air CompressorMy first impact driver was a pneumatic impact driver. When I needed to use it, I had to pull out the portable air compressor, find an electric outlet, then deal with the awkward air hose. It takes time to set up and maintain, and if I have to work outside my shop, then I have to haul the air compressor around and it can get cumbersome. I still use my pneumatic impact driver in the shop and I like it, but I am finding myself grabbing the cordless impact driver more often.

My Cordless Impact DriverThe cordless impact driver I own is the Makita BTD 144. This is my review of the cordless impact driver I own.

That’s another advantage of a cordless impact driver. You pull it out and you are ready to go. No air compressor, no hammer or wrench, or tangled extension cords. You can use it more than just for stuck nuts too. It can easily screw in long lag bolts into dense wood or you can even use it like a cordless screwdriver to drill holes. The cordless impact wrench is becoming really popular among DIYers. Here are all my reviews for cordless impact drivers.

18-volt or 12-volt Cordless Impact Drivers?

I have reviewed both 18-volt and 12-volt cordless impact drivers. I personally think this is one tool where you want the most power which usually means 18-volts. You really want the extra power for those really stubborn nuts. Here is a list of my 18 volt cordless impact driver reviews. However, if getting into tight places or or needing a lighter driver comes into play, I would look at the smaller and lighter 12-volt cordless impact drivers. Here is a list of my 12 volt cordless impact driver reviews.

Quality is Really Important

With other types of cordless tools you can sometimes get away with a cheaper, lower quality tool,… if you don’t use it too often. But with an impact driver, you really need to get a top quality impact driver that can handle the amount of impacts and torque being exerted.

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